Hey, I'm Adam and my parents said I could become anything, so I became an asshole.

When I’m drunk I do things that I didn’t know I was capable of

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Let’s get one thing straight; healthcare in Canada, surprisingly enough, is not ‘free’ so stop saying it is. There’s this thing called ‘taxes’ that we have to pay, which are a lot higher than most places in the US, which is why Americans can afford private and exclusive healthcare.
Please learn your shit before you start judging another countries way of running things.

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The next person I date will love Kodaline, it’s a requirement now

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Late nights by the bonfire
Me every time I talk to my dad
Went for a run last night with my two best friends

I absolutely fucking hate when two people stay together in a loveless marriage because they ‘have children and divorce is hard on them’
No, watching two people who hate each other is what’s harmful

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"I know. I’m very hard to talk to. I realize that."
The Catcher in the Rye (via sataniel)

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"There was nothing beautiful about how it ended. You fucked up my life."
Stop Thinking Too Much (#9: January 3, 2014)

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‘i loved you more than anyone son of a bitch’

Yea. Fucker

I promised I would never leave you, and in the end you ended up leaving me

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"You deserve happiness. So I left."
Six Word Story #30  (via girl-human)

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